We had gotten the boat brought up to Namsos in early spring of 1999.

It wasn't until fall that I got a compressor for sandblasting.  I spent the winter

taking a course to get my captain's license.  I was therefore getting desparate.

Rust never sleeps, and I was anxious to get the work done.  In order to oblige me,

it rained all summer.  In addition, the place where we had the boat was close to the

downtown area and the guy renting me the dock wanted us to cover the boat to contain 

the dust from sandblasting.  Finally we got permission to skip the containment, and we got

to work.  Frode Bjørbekk and I sandblasted and painted, it took about ten working days to do the 

work you see done in the section "Autumn 2000".  This photo shows 'Holmtun' in Downtown Namsos.